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            Before & After Pics

Plumber Malone NY - Plattsburgh, NY - Lake Placid, NY

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

cast iron pip replacement after .jpg
cast iron pip replacement before .jpg

Well Pressure Tank

Orangeburg Pipe Crush - 2 Way Clean-Out

Toilet Flange Replacement

 Washing Machine Valves

Sump Pump

Sump Pump New Install With Dam

Replace Kitchen Sink Drain

Clogged Tub

Sometimes pipes can't be snaked when non directional fittings are mistakenly installed.  The kinetic ram is the tool for the job!

Snow Dig

Camera locate broken clogged pipe.  Dig up, replace and bed in sand.  No wasted effort.  Problem is fixed.

sewer back up.jpg

Top: Sewer backup (flooded basement)
Bottom: Cleared and cleaned up

Before Kitchen drain vent.jpg

Clogged kitchen drain and vent.

Replaced with proper size pipe and fittings. 

After Kitchen drain vent.jpg

Replace water heater,  well pump pressure tank

and water filtration equipment.


Before and after , frost free hose spigot through concrete wall.

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